Failed glass replacement, need to replace LCD?


I followed the guide here (or so I thought) to replace the screen for my Samsung A50, but I took off more than the glass now this metal piece is still attached to the back. All I received to replace the screen that was cracked was a clear piece of glass, but I believe I tore off part of the LCD that is attached to the glass as well and after trying to turn it on again I have no display. Will purchasing a new LCD screen be sufficient to repair the phone at this point, and would I have to remove this metal sheet as well? Or did I mess it up to the point where the phone is worthless? The display cable also seems to have broke, since the glass/LCD/whatever I took off seemed to be connected to something but snapped off.

Thank you in advance, and I have two pictures below to further display what I’m talking about.

Block Image

Phone with the glass on

Block Image

Metal sheet I am referring to with the glass off

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The A50 uses an AMOLED display which translates to, you can’t do glass only repairs, you have to replace the entire screen. Just be aware that when you change the screen on some models, I believe it’s the A50 and A70 models, it will disable the fingerprint sensor for “security purposes” according to Samsung. In order to restore it, you’ll need a special programmer that only “authorized” Samsung service providers have access to.


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