Apple's March 2019 refresh of its iPad Air tablet, sporting an A12 Bionic processor and a 10.5" screen.

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Does the iPad Pro 10.5” lcd work on the iPad Air 3rd gen?

Hi all,

as the title says, does the iPad Pro 10.5” lcd work on the iPad Air 3rd gen?

I have an iPad Air 3rd gen in for repair which the customer had told me was an iPad Air 1 so don’t have the lcd display for that model in stock but my local supplier has iPad Pro 10.5” screens in stock and are cheaper than the iPad Air lcds.

I have a separate iPad Pro 10.5” digitiser which when connected to the iPad Air 3 works fine but don’t have the lcd to test.


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Although they may look the same and even have the same connectors, I don’t believe they are compatible. Most if not all Pro models have a higher refresh rate so that may cause compatibility issues.

For the future, I would confirm the customer has the correct model by asking for the A number. If I have to special order parts for anything, I take full payment up front and contact the customer when they come in.


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I’m no expert, but it sounds like it wouldn’t work because apple’s screens in general are usually programmed to the specific model. Even if they had the same connectors, it probably wouldn’t work. Plus, an iPad pro’s display supports 120hz while the iPad Air is locked at 60hz


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