Why does it turn on to heat soon as I close the door?

GE Profile (PEB1590DM2BB) turns on magnetron as soon as door closes. Fan and turntable don't turn on, unless time is entered then it operates normal and light, fan, and turntable shut off with timer - magnetron keeps heating until door is opened. If I make the bottom microswitch nothing happens, the top latch doesn't appear to have a switch, just a latch. I've unplugged it and waited, but problem remains. I haven't taken it apart yet as I'm hoping someone has had the same issue and can guide me in the right direction before completely tearing it apart! Thanks in advance and a safe, healthy happy holiday season to all.

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@lktrshn anytime a microwave is not heating, runs but doesn't heat or turns on but doesn't heat food, start by replacing the interlock (switch). Even if this will not immediately resolve the problem it will always give you a known-well starting point for further troubleshooting. Your MW has three, two for the lock and one to monitor the door and report the state of the door to the control board. Monitor switch is part number WB24X817 and reference number 607 the terminal micro switch is number 604 and part number is WB24X10029

After that it can get costly since it may be the control panel, but wait with that until you determined it is not your microswitches

Block Image

Please remember that your MW has some high powered components and you definitely do not want to touch anything that carries those fatal currents. Watch the capacitors! Could be a shocking experience.


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Thanks for the answer and info. I'll ring out the switches first. It heats as soon as the door is closed without even without pushing start or entering anything on the timer, that's kinda why I was looking for answers. I'll be sure not to get that "electrifying experience" I'm a retired industrial electrician so I have some electronic experience. Again thanks and I really appreciate the part #'s and blow up diagram. Happy Holidays to you and yours - Stay Safe & Healthy



@lktrshn I also have a GE microwave doing the same thing: magnetron turns on when door closed, but fan/light/turntable stay off. During a normal cook, everything runs fine. Opening door is only way to stop the magnetron. Did just changing your switches resolve this for you?


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