Repair guides and support for 17" laptops in the Pavilion Notebook 17 series. These laptops have model numbers 17-g000 – 17-g099.

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USB slots not working

I went to plug in a USB phone charger and mistakenly had it upside down (It was dark) I didn’t force it in but pushed it in as normal thinking it was the right way up. As soon as I did that the laptop completely shut down. I took a look at the USB slot and seen one of the gold pins had been bent. I tried m best to bend it back into place after I shut it down. Once it was back on I tried the USB slot but again the laptop switched off. I then tried the other USB slots on the other side of the laptop and they don’t cause the laptop to switch off but they aren’t working at all. I looked online for help and already tried the method of removing the battery and turning laptop on then restarting again with the battery. Also tried going into devmgmt.msc and unticking the option that allows the computer to switch off USB to save power.

I can’t find any other solutions and was wondering if anyone on here had any? Any help is appreciated!

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What is the full model number of the laptop?

Did you remove or disconnect the main battery from the laptop before attempting to repair the USB port?

Even though the laptop was off there is still power available at various places on the motherboard. The laptop's Power button is not a power isolating button. It merely signals the BIOS as to the intentions of the user. Think of the laptop as being in an extremely low power state rather than being totally switched off, when it is off.

If not, then you may have damaged the USB power supply circuit or perhaps the USB controller.

Plug a USB device into the ports just to see if power is being supplied by the port even though the device is not being recognized e.g. a mobile phone - shows charging or a USB mouse - laser light turns on

You will have to open the laptop and inspect for any obvious damage. It may be easier if you open it up and then find the motherboard’s “board number” (printed on motherboard itself) and use that number to hopefully find the schematics for the motherboard as these will help you to know what board components need to be checked in case there is nothing visibly obvious.


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How to buy those slots - Die 3 poorten waar te kopen




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