The Nintendo 3DS XL 2015, marketed as the New Nintendo 3DS XL, was released October 11, 2014 in Japan and February 13, 2015 in North America.

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Can someone make a video guide to bottom lcd replacement?

there’s literally 1 guide on the internet (lots about top lcd) and its from ifixit and comments are full of brick anger after following it, some people want to swap their bottom lcd but these devices are treacherous one wrong move you brick.

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@joeygrimes I suggest you give the written guide Remplacement du LCD inférieur et du tactile de la Nintendo 3DS XL 2015 LCD a look over and see if that will work for you.


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I tried, it seems a dangerous and unfinished guide.

"I swear there isn't a new 3ds XL tutorial out there without wrong steps ending up in destroying your device… Can ifixit confirm they've read the comments and fixed the guide?"

"I have to purchase a new digitizer because of this. And I’m really very angry that no correction has been made in the almost 9 months since you posted."

"Wish I’d read the comments first, messed up this connection pretty bad too."

"I broke my connectors the little gray pieces broke not the touch screen and the joy stick are broken."

"&&^& all those tutoriel now is just break my new 3ds &&^& you internet"

"Because of you I broke my cable connector for the touch. Thank you very much."

"I just disassembled my new 3ds xl to clean my lower screen and touch sensor following this guide, it went smoothly but now everything works except the touch sensor, why??"

"9-15 aren't necessary at all. Its a super easy fix step 16 is sufficient."


@joeygrimes use the guides and incorporate the pitfalls mentioned in the comments. This is perfect guidance. You do know that you can edit the guide and add your steps to make it a better guide.


I'm not experienced enough to add any advice, seems risky mod to do guesswork about as they're not the cheapest devices, youtube is full of top screen videos, but I guess that's all there is on bottom screen.




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