The Lenovo ThinkPad T450s is an Ultrabook featured for business, and was released in February of 2015, with the model number:PC0530HJ. It has a powerful processor, high-resolution display, and a great battery life for it’s light weight.

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laptop broke down after a few days of having trouble starting up

My laptop broke down after a few days of having trouble starting up. I guess it's a loose contact/the hard disk isn't properly connecting anymore, because sometimes it does start up and then it works as usual. Anyway, does anybody know a good and affordable place where they can fix this for me? Thanks!

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Hi @reecemichael ,

If you don’t want to try an fix it yourself, here’s a link to the ifixit professional listings pages.

Type your city or town in the Search Repair Pros search box to check if there are any repairers close to you who you could contact and ask for a quote.


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