Power is on but no heat. No humming sound - RESOLVED

Turn table works and light is on but I do not hear the humming sound microwave typically makes.

Is it a bad magatron?. I checked resistance on megatron and it is .01. Visually it seems okay

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Please give us your model number.



thanks, it's GE, peb2060sm1ss



Is this the same oven as before?

Did you trace the wiring from the transformer to the diode/capacitor and magnetron etc as I suggested in the update in this link a while ago?

fuse blows after running 2., 3 seconds. transformer bad?



yes i did. I actually found high voltage is showing the transformer is shorted since I asked you. I measured wrong first time. I replaced the transformer and it will not blow the fuse any more. However, it still didn't work. no heat. resistance from magnetron was .2 which seemed okay as I asked here. However, I ordered and replaced magnetron and it works now. I guess resistane test does not reveal if magnetron is bad or not. From youtube video I found, that was the only testing youtuber was doing or I was just unlukcy. I spent way more than I wanted (about 150, I bought a generic brand part ) to but still cheaper than new one (about 700 with trim kit) and had a fun fixing this myself. I want to thank alot for the support and answer.




If the blower motor does not start (no air blowing out of the registers), it can be the result of the activating switch or the furnace control board, but often the problem is a bad blower motor. If the blower motor hums but does not start, it is most likely a bad motor or a bad capacitor (below).


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motor i s on. no issue. it's just no heat and it does not appear magnetron is powereed. is there any specific wiring to the magenetron?..i didn't think there is any hot or ground on the magnetron




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