I need to recalibrate left analogue stick on every boot (Wii U)

Hi everyone. My problem is that I need to recalibrate (a b + -) the left analogue stick of my Wii U on every boot, otherwise it goes crazy in the menu already, after that everything is 100% fine until I reboot.

Bought it used for real cheap, the seller was upfront with the issue, I tried a stick replacement, and it does the same thing, so I think is not the stick, but rather the gamepad or console forgetting the calibration for some reason.

What could be the cause and possible fix? I could buy a gamepad motherboard on aliexpress, but if that also doesn't fix it it would start getting annoying.

The previous owner had the console with cfw, mocha I think. But I did a factory reset already and it didn't fix it.

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