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2012 I/O board compatibility?


Does anyone know if the I/O board from a 2012 A1465 MBA can be swapped with one from a 2010 A1370 MBA? Will it supply correct voltages or do damage to the logic board?

They look very similar and all the cables seem to reach. Except the 2010 has a Magsafe 1 and the 2012 has Magsafe 2.

The issue is that the iSight camera is not detected in system profiler on the 2012, but if the same 2012 camera is plugged into the 2010 it is detected and works fine.

Any help would be very appreciated.

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@rcm88 the logic board for the 2012 is a 820-3208 and for the 2010 is a 820-2796. The connectors and the circuitry are different and thus the I/O boards are not interchangeable.


Block Image


Block Image


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Thanks. Do you think replacing the I/O board should get the iSight camera working again?

The I/O board part number for the 2012 seems to be 923-0118 is that right?

Is there any way I can check why the iSight camera isn't working with a multimeter?

The camera and cable coming from the display assembly is tested ok.

The problem must be on the I/O board or maybe the logic board?


@rcm88 just to verify: The 2012 iSight camera is not recognized on the 2012 MBA but it is recognized on the 2010 MBA?

You are correct with the 932-0118 being the IO board. That is the right repalcment. At this time I would go ahead and get a replacement. Schematics for the IO board as well as the iSight camera are tough to come by so a replacement might jut resolve this issue. get it from somewhere that has a good return policy just in case you run into other issues.


Yes. The 2012 iSight camera shows "no video capture device detected" in System Report on the 2012 MBA.

But If I plug the 2012 camera into the I/O board of the 2010 MBA it is detected and works normally in Facetime on the 2010 MBA. So the camera and cable are ok.

I am guessing its a bad component on the 2012 I/O board, but maybe the logic board itself has the issue.

I saw that maybe there could be no power going to the power pin on the I/O board camera connector, but not sure which pin to check for voltage. Or other ideas to narrow down where the problem is?


If anything I'd go with a bad IO board. You have the part of the schematic that you can measure around the logic

board connector




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