Sound but no picture

LG49UK6090PUA TV - sound is working but have no picture. TV is only a little over a year old. Tried plugging/unplugging but nothing is working.

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My guess of the most likely cause of this

To begin whit, try to get the room as dark as possible and then point a strong flashlight at it. If you can see some of the pictures when doing this, it’s most likely that the backlight is broken.

What you should do

Since the TV isn’t that old, you may still have an active garanty, so try and contact the seller about it and if they can repair it for you for free or give you a new one.

If that isn’t the case or if you want to do it yourself I would start with changing the backlight (if you can see the picture using a flashlight as mentioned above), sadly, I can’t find a guide for your model.

If you want to try it out and need more help, feel free to ask more questions.

Good luck and hope this helped! :D


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