Released November 4, 2017. Model A1865, A1901. Available as GSM or CDMA / 64 or 256 GB / Silver or Space Gray. (Pronounced the same as "iPhone 10.")

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iPhone X JK incell screens ghost touch issue

Hello everyone,

I’m a Sunday iPhone repairman in my community and had recently tested a small batch of iPhone X and Xs JK incell LCD screens. I was very suprised as most of them had ghost touch issue after a few days of usage on the phone. I thought that those JK screens were considered as especially good quality even thought they are at the bottom of the price scale. Anyone else could share his experience with these screens ?

Thanks a lot

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Where did you order the screens from? Typically using LCDs on OLED phones is a bit of risk in that they can damage the connector. You see that phone was designed to be used with the more energy efficient OLED panel and by using an LCD instead, you’re running more current through the connector which can lead to an impact on battery life and in some cases damage the connector itself to where you need to have a board repair specialist replace it. I myself typically don’t recommend LCD replacements unless the customer is looking to get rid of the phone for lets say a trade in.

On a side note, the virus has impacted the quality of screens lately because the manufacturers have been a little short staffed and have been cranking out parts like crazy.


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Thanks a lot for your answer, that screen is available almost everywhere, unionrepair, mobilesentrix, aliexpress etc... The coronavirus explaination could fit well, I would be surprised otherwise that it would be sold like that if it is to go directly in the trash. Still I was very suprised since in-cell technology is known to usually avoid such issues...


@refurbish I mainly order from sentrix and did receive a premium 6s plus display that had the home button connector clearly torn off. It wasn't even in the packaging.


@hootonberg Oh well... At least you can easily get a refund with them... I just started ordering from mobilesentrix, I worked with unionrepair before until I had to trash a few screens without any refund... I'm from Switzerland, so the US market was not the first place I had in mind to look for a supplier, but oh boy I'm glad I found them !


@refurbish I and a lot of other shops love sentrix and they were the ones to really set the bar when it comes to standards for suppliers. I really love their extended capacity iPhone batteries. That's all I use!




I did a repair with the iPhone X JK incell and encountered the ghost touch screen problem

Gutted. I then used a different screen and the problem disappeared. Something not right with the JK incell screens that cannot be coincidence


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