How to fix digitizer cable on LCD replacement


I ordered a new replacement screen for my z3c. Yet, on replacing it I realised that the digitizer cable keeps getting loose from its socket (?). Thus, while the screen itself functions, it is unresponsive to touch (of course, since the cable does not stay attached to the socket. Any ideas ? I have my old screen that is responsive to touch but has a broken lcd - can I somehow use its digitizer on my new screen?!

I hope my question got clear - I am missing a lot of technical vocabulary in English.. Sorry.


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@alb3rt if your old display assembly stays connected to the motherboard but your new one does not sit properly and comes loose again, it is the connector on the cable. In theory, you could replace the digitizer but would need to have the right machinery to separate it. Then you need the right machine to reinstall it as well as the right glue etc. All of that machinery is costly and needs practice. Your best way would be to replace the entire display again and consider the one you have as a loss. Make sure that the connector on the board does not have any bend or broken pins etc. Also, it may help is you post some pictures of the connector etc., with your QUESTION. That way we can see what you see Adding images to an existing question


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