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MSI PL62 7RC Display not working

My MSI laptop’s screen stopped working this April. Sometimes there were horizontal lines on the screen, which would go away when I rotated the screen in along the hinge A few times. As time passed the screen would go completely black and would recover when the screen was in certain angle. This always happened when I used to play games and the screen would go black, the screen worked fine when doing other tasks. One fine day the screen stopped working completely. It wouldn’t turn on when I would turn on my laptop. I’ve been using an external monitor all these days. The laptop runs fine, I can even play games. I’ve given to two separate technicians (one is from the retailer, and the other from my dad’s office) at two different times. Both say different issues with the laptop. One says it is the connector problem, the other says it’s gpu problem. Is there a way of knowing what exactly the problem is with my laptop ? I can fix it my self but I don’t have a spare laptop display panel to check whether it is the display panel or wire problem.

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Hello! :D

At least for me, it sounds like it should be the display cable that is bad. This because it works when you are using an external display (it shouldn’t be a GPU problem) and in the beginning, it stopped working when you were moving your display (this is most likely caused by the cable being bent/moved to different positions where some made it lose contact).

Good luck and hope this helped!


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Before I sent it for repair, I disconnected and reconnected the cable firmly and it still didn’t work. I guess I have to get a new cable. Thank you so much for the response, I’ll get back to you once I try replacing the cable. Also will any EDP cable work or I need the same one which came with the laptop. It says “MS 16J3 EDP cable”.



No problem and I just want to mention that I'm not 100% on my answer, it's what I think is the most likely problem.

I'm pretty sure that you need the same cable as the original, so try and search for “MSI 16J3 EDP cable” on google.


Update: So I asked the technician who checked my laptop and told to replace GPU,(my laptop was there with him all this time) to return my laptop as it is. He repaired it without asking me and is is asking 55$. Welp I guess you were right, it might have been the wire, or something small, the technician just told that to charge me extra, but since I sensed something was wrong the way he told that he had to desolder the GPU and stuff, he “fixed the GPU” for me so I have no option other than to pay.



Okay, it sounds weird that they did it without asking you if you wanted them to.

If it would have a problem with an external screen, it would probably be the GPU that was the problem and then you probably will need to do as they said.

I don't know what you should do, I guess you can try and talk to them about it and also make sure that it actually is fixed.

Good luck with it! :D




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