Powers on but screen is black

I haven’t used this laptop in years because of this issue. It was dropped flat (not on a corner) from roughly 3 feet. Definitely something internal, because I’ve tried plugging it in via HDMI to a monitor and it detects that I’ve plugged it in but it couldn’t display anything to the monitor. What could be the issue? How could I fix it myself?

EDIT: The laptop also will not turn on without the charger plugged in.

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If the screen is blank on the second monitor also, then it could be an issue with the video cable. Try replacing the video cable or using a different video cable if you have multiple connections options like DVI, HDMI, etc. If using VGA works, then it could mean there is an issue with your HDMI or DVI cable.

If the motherboard was damaged when you dropped the laptop, you may not see anything on the screen when the laptop is on or when you connect it to an external monitor. A damaged motherboard isn't as simple to diagnose as other parts of a computer.


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The display isn't blank for both HDMI or VGA, it just says to check the cable but both my cables work. I do not have a DVI port.

I've taken apart my laptop to check the motherboard. I didn't see any obvious signs of damage without unscrewing further and flipping it over. I've tried unplugging the screen and plugging it back in as well as the power supply. I've also checked behind the screen to see if that connection may have come loose which it didn't.

I'm going to get a motherboard tester, would that be something useful for this situation?


I forgot to add that the computer also will not turn on without the charger plugged in. I'm not sure if that was an issue before or after the drop since I always plugged it in whenever I would used it.


@mspix Simply plug the computer's power cable into a wall, connect the signal cable to the back of the computer and turn it on. If you continue to receive a "No Signal" message on screen, then the problem lies with your computer's video card and not your signal cable.


@mspix Regarding the computer won't turn on without the charger plugged in. Since you are able to use your laptop when it is plugged-in, it is a great indicator that your charger adapter is not the issue. You will need to replace the battery.




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