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Replace the AirPort card

The airport card of my MacBook Pro 17" core i7 mid 2010 is no longer detected after I've upgraded the RAM from 4 to 8 GB.

I've tried reinstalling the two 2GB chips with no better result.

The airport card (now called Wi-Fi card under Lion) does not appear in "System Information/Network/Wi-Fi" whereas it does on my wife's MBP (13" 2011").

I suppose that the card is unfortunately "dead" and should be replaced.

Has anyone any experience with this replacement and would kindly publish the relevant step-by-step guide.


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More than likely it is not "shaking hands" with the system after you changed the system configuration by adding the RAM. The first place I would start is by resetting the SMC and PRAM. Instructions for doing that are here. and here. If this doesn't work we will work on getting you some directions. It should be very similar to the 13" which I know those instructions are here on ifixit.


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I've tried both resets, unsuccessfully :-(

The Airport menu bar still shows "No hardware detected".

I've ordered a Bluetooth/Airport board and i'll try replacing it.

The procedure is very very similar to that of the MBP 15" mid 2010, which is on ifixit.

Thanks anyway.




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