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How do you remove glue off of a stripped screw on a old 3DS XL?

I was unscrewing the screws on the backplate of my old 3DS XL, and i ended up stripping the screws. they were, REALLY stripped. i looked at a question on how to remove them, and i saw a technuique of putting glue on the screw, and then unscrewing it from the glue. when i tried it, and followed the steps very closely, the screwdriver immideatly came out, and the screw was stuck under all of the ecsess glue. i tied to get it out using glue remover before it dried, but it was too late. the screw is covered in glue. in a panic, i con the screwdriver, and picked away at the dried glue. it wasn’t the best of stratergys, and only took out the big chunks. i was really really sad, and dissapointed, and i lost hope. i was thinking that i had to get it repaird. something i’m avoiding, because i’m broke. i feel like an idiot. Ayway, if anyone knows how to remove dried glue on the screw let me know, because i think i’ve done something i will regret.

Block Image

- Screw covered in glue

Block Image

- Glue i used

Block Image

- One of the stripped screws

Block Image

- Anothor one of the stripped screws

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Hello Mate, Personally I would attempt to find a thin Nail or something sharp with a point on the end. Then i would add some acetone / Strong Nail Polish Remover to the effected area then I would attempt to pick the remaining glue out using the acetone to help loosen / soften the glue.

After a bit of work hopefully you have a nice clean screw head in which you can attempt to remove again.


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