Volume turning down, but not up after replacing the back cover

I replaced the back cover and when I turned it back on it all worked fine and dandy except the volume switch

Using the volume switch I can turn it down, but not up.

I had another go and put a little square of double sided tape between backside of the silver switch part outside of the case, and the round bits on the inside of the case, but it stil ended up the same

Have I possibly seated something wrong, or gotten the wrong screws in?

I followed the instructions as best I could

Also, i broke a tab on the silver bezel. The bottom left one that sticks up next to the socket for the charger. It seemed to be doing the same job as the tab on the other side so I thought it might be ok

Any help would be mucho appreciated

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Fixed! It seemed that there was a little pad behind the mechanical button. I inserted a small piece of plastic from the lid of a takeaway box and nothing changed. I tried again, but with only one piece under the side which wasn't working. This seemed to make the whole thing sit better, and voila, Volume now works both ways. Yay!