want to know how to fix a keypad that has been displaced.

the caps lock have been removed from it's hold on the body of the think pad,what can i do.i am not a technical student but i can see there are two tiny square shaped plastic hold ,that keeps the fingers on the surface of the keyboard. The caps lock key pad which i touched now is just the rubber shoot out interior ,how can i replace the tiny plastics that hold it cos it has been scattered by a 1yr old baby.tHANKS

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i really do want to fix it,can any anyone help?





I am not sure if it can be repaired... since i can't see it, some of the older model thinkpads like you have it could be done however it sounds like the actual plastic mounting bits have broken off? ( that hold the key to the spring type thing which is in turn attached to the keyboard frame etc).

The easiest thing to do might be to get a nice used keyboard on ebay for it, since the keyboards are so easy to replace ( compared to other model laptops)...... this might be the most cost effective repair since it would not be expensive and would involve the least amount of time ( taking the entire keyboard apart and trying to replace the little plastic parts that would be hard to get)...... there should be a model number on the keyboard once removed so you can make sure you find the correct one..... or the powersellers are usually helpful if you ask them if a specific item will work for you....include your machine type ID for your thinkpad etc.

You might be able to find the key along with the plastic spring parts on ebay however that would require complete teardown of the keyboard it's self. = taking the keyboard out and about 20 screws with a layer and maybe some glue... it's been awhile since i worked on this model, if it was newer it might be worth trying to take the keyboard apart.


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all i was saying is the cost of a used keyboard is about $10-16 or less on ebay.......and might be easiest thing to do, I don't know the repair experience of the OP and the description of the damage isn't clear..........does it still work?

the small plastic frame parts that hold the key on...... if the keyboards button assembly wasn't damaged it would be fairly easy........ you are correct you can get new keys with the needed spring and plastic stuff etc needed on ebay for about $4.00 with directions included....

you can also get an entire keyboard for couple $ more if you wait for an auction to end.......I should have been more clear in my answer.. like i said in my answer above long time since i worked on a T41 ..... it is a thinkpad so it should be easy but at the same time telling someone it's easy for me doesn't mean it would be easy for them, I have a T400 now and they remain easy to upgrade etc....

( all of this is why i said " Might" be more cost effective)...


oh, sorry about that, wasn't able to see the context of the comment correctly. At least there is even more information now with the comments for which direction the repair could be done.




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