Keuring 2.0 button not working

I received a used Keurig 2.0 and I ran 3 reservoirs of water thru it to clean it out and ensure functionality. So the wife goes to use it for the first time the next day, it powers on, the internal reservoir heats up (you can hear the water chortling inside the Keurig as it heats up), the screen changes to READY, I can select the cup size, I can select Strong, everything works, except the KEURIG 2.0 button does not flash (it flashed yesterday) and when I press it, no activity. No pumping sound, no “dispensing” notification or animation on the screen. I would feel the if it was just the button not working, I would at least see it FLASHING like yesterday and I would pursue fixing the button. BUT, since it’s not Flashing to tell me it’s all set to start the dispense cycle, AND since there is no activity when I press it, even though the LCD screen says it’s “READY”, I’m thinking something else is going on.

I’ve reseated several times the Reservoir (and it’s full), opened/closed the K-Cup compartment multiple times. The Screen responds stating to “Close the Lid”. I’ve tried several different K-Cups (Official K-cups), same. I’ve cleaned the K-Cup sensor in the lid, I’ve played the the K-Cup holder, removed it, cleaned it, ensured the needle was clean. When I remove the K-Cup and close the lid, the LCD screen asks if I want to dispense Hot Water (it does not dispense), so it is sensing the K-Cups. Power cycle overnight, same thing. Nothing I did changes the situation. The LCD screen indicates all is ready for dispense, it heats up the water inside, but it never progresses to flash the button to start the cycle. Has anyone experienced this? I’ve gone thru this forum, all of the detailed descriptions state that their unit tries to pump, a few dribbles of water come out, etc. So their issues are with water flow, this unit never advances to dispensing. So any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance..

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