Released November 2016, the PS4 Pro features upgraded hardware for 4K gaming and improved PSVR performance.

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Getting error SU-30641-4 when trying to update or initialize console.

As the title says, I have been working on a PS4 Pro that is giving me the SU-30641-4 error when you try to update the firmware to the latest version. It also happens when you try to initialize and restore the console’s software in safe mode. The console was factory reset before it made its way into my hands in an attempt to resolve the issue but that did not work. I have tried running the initialize and restore using the full software download from Sony as well as formatting the hard drive in a spare computer to no avail. The hard drive checks as healthy and the console as a whole is in pretty good condition. I haven’t been able to find much about this error online, so does anyone here have any ideas?

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If it’s not here:

Then it’s not going to be anywhere on the public Internet, which means basically just give up.


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Hi there this is Justin Imhoff from Akron Ohio and I just had that problem to where it said that I wouldn’t be able to download it but I had a USB drive stick in one of my USB ports and so I took the initiative to go to the main menu on the main screen and I had to go to the SETTINGS and then I went to the DEVICES and then I went to USB STORAGE DEVICES and then I went to the part where it says to stop using the USB stick and then I went back to the main menu on the PS4 and then I click on the POWER and then I went to the POWER OPTIONS and then I click on TURN OFF PS4 and then I waited for it to turn all the way off and then I turned the PS4 back on and then I went to SETTINGS on the main menu and then I click on the SYSTEM SOFTWARE UPDATE and then I click on it and it went through so make sure that you don’t have anything plug in your USB PORTS and then it will download cos I did that and it downloaded on my PS4 so now I have the new SYSTEM SOFTWARE UPDATE of 7.55 on my PS4


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