HP Elitebook 6930p announced in September 2008 and was one of the first generation EliteBook laptops. It was advertised as the first laptop to break the 24 hour battery life barrier.

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Pc freeze in random

HI all.

My notebook hp 6930p freezes randomly.

I tried to change the two ram banks but it didn't help.

Temperatures are normal, below 45 degrees

Tried Win 7 but nothing changes.

Switched hard drives but it didn't solve

I noticed that on Win10, just installed, the PC freezes as soon as the integrated video card is updated.

Thanks to someone who can give me a solution.

Greetings, Klaus.

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Hi @klaustrofobic,

If Win 10 is still installed, try starting in safe mode and check if it freezes etc.

If it works OK then it is a driver problem.

Check in Device Manager what the make and model number of the display adapter is.

I realize that you said that it froze as soon as you updated the video card driver, where did you get the driver from? Was it auto update find by Windows or manual install by you?

Try the display adapter manufacturer’s website and check what version Win 10 drivers they offer for the adapter model in your laptop and check if they work any better.

Also check in Event Viewer, for any Critical, Error or Warning events that stand out and "match" the times when the display freezes.

If you notice any, double click on them to get more information, and then search online using the Event ID number and the Source of the event to get more information as to what it means.

In Win 10 to get to Event Viewer, right click on the Windows Start button, on the left side of the Taskbar and click on the Event Viewer link.

Perhaps a start to finding out what is going on


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Hi Jayeff.

Thank you for your answer.

I've already tried Safe Mode(Win10), and that way the pc works without blocks.

I installed the video driver suggested by HP support (there are no drivers for Win10), and also the windows 10 update auto-installation, the pc freezes in both cases.

I even changed hard drive.

I installed Win 7, with the manufacturer's drivers, and in this mode the pc works almost without problems (it freezes very rarely). Sincerely.


@klaustrofobic ,

If it looked at it right you have ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3400 graphics adapter, is this correct?

Try installing the Win 8 drivers from here and see if they work.

Usually Win 8 drivers work OK in Win 10


try these


HI jayeff .

The notebook has an Intel video card.

However, I have already tried several drivers, including the one for WIN 8 and they are not good.

I suspect it's not a problem with the video card.


@klaustrofobic ,

Working in Win 10 safe mode indicates that it is OK using generic Windows drivers for the hardware.

In normal mode it doesn't like something,the most obvious is the video drivers as they have the most impact.

Did you uninstall the graphics adapter and then let Windows 10 "find" it again and install it or did you just try different drivers?

Either it is the Intel HD 4500 graphics adapter (if this is what is installed) drivers that don't work with Win 10 and it didn't like the Win 8 ones either, (did you try the Win 7 drivers in Win 10?) or there may be BIOS or Chipset problems with Win 10, and there are no updates for either since 2013. The laptop is not officially supported for Win 10 by HP or MS so that's maybe why.

I found this link and was a bit confused by what the document showed. It has your model number listed and what appears to be an updated Intel video driver, but when you click on the release notes near the bottom of the page, the next page opens with no mention of your model but does mention Win 10 OS but not your graphics adapter which I assume is Intel HD 4500.


I also think the computer is not compatible with Win 10.

I'll give it one last try, I'll update the bios to the latest available version, and I'll let you know if it'll help.





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