Why my controller won’t connect to my console?

I bought a brand new controller and playstation usb cord. When I plug it in I’m getting slow blinking yellow light. When I press the ps button if flashes a white light then stops. I’m stuck on the “ connect your controller to a usb then press ps button” screen. I can’t get pass this screen. I’ve tried all the troubleshooting trick. I’ve tried the reset button in the back of the controller. I’ve tried multiple usb cords. I’ve tried the share button Nd ps button trick. I’ve tried unplugging the console Nd plugging it back in. I’ve tried connecting it to my laptop by Bluetooth, then plugging it into the console. I’ve tried holding the power button till I hear two beeps. All of those Nd I’m not getting anywhere. Call someone help me please

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Well you have almost tried every possible option for trouble shooting a DS4; is it under warranty?