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Battery for Oral B V1 toothbrush

I ordered a battery from IFIXIT for a Oral B V1 toothbrush, measurements were exact, they stated it would come with slightly offset terminal strips to clarify negative post and neede to be offset for installation. So how is it they send a battery with inline strips and no clarification of positive and negative ends? Very poor representation of the product, not what was shown on their site at all. Don't order from these guys! Also, the device I have posted is not correct, had to put in something, they sell battery for Oral B toothbrush but don't offer that as an option on this, imagine that!

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Hi @scha_6568,

I suggest that you contact ifixit about the problem.

There is a Contact link near the bottom of the page in the link.

There are repair guides on the ifixit website for some Oral B models, but not all. You just have to search on the website.

Electric Toothbrush Repair

ifixit cannot be expected to provide free repair guides for every known device.

Also a lot of the guides found on ifixit are created by contributors who just wish to help others. It is wonderful that ifixit provides a free platform for this to happen

Feel free to do so for your device if you want so as to add to what is already available

Dare To Repair: How To Create a Guide


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