[SOLVED] Vizio E40-D0 - Black screen with backlight turning off and on


On my Vizio E40-D0, the screen was black and the backlight turning off and on. It was unresponsive to the remote control. I could turn it off with the power button on the side then it would come back on doing the same thing. I tried unplugging everything and back in.

I took it apart. I saw the CPU with two buttons on it diagonally from each other like the buttons on a computer motherboard I know reset the PRAM or something. I held those down for a few seconds. The TV starting working again.

Anyone know what was wrong and why this fixed the problem? I think a lot of people would replace the TV, or “repair” it by replacing the boards. Neither would be necessary. There should be a reset button on the outside that does whatever those buttons did. What are those buttons?


Block Image

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