The Honda Fit, also marketed as the Honda Jazz, is a five-door, front-engine, front-wheel drive B-segment subcompact car manufactured and marketed by Honda since 2001 and now in its third generation. Marketed worldwide and manufactured at ten plants in eight countries, sales reached almost 5 million by mid-2013.

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Trailing noise under front axel

My car has something trailing underneath when I set off looked under but I can’t see anything what could it be?

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A rock in the brake area?


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If it makes a drag or squeal noise especially in reverse, it is likely the brake pad indicator (needs brakes replaced).



If you could sing a few bars of the “trailing” noise it might be helpful. Does it sound like a cowboy song when they are riding the trails? Could it be some brush got snagged last time you did some off roading and it’s rubbing against a tire? Why don’t you jack it up and get it on 4 good jack stands so the wheels are off the ground. Then start it up, put it in first gear and let it idle see if you can narrow down where the noise is coming from.


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