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What shows on the screen is not what I type_get codes

what shows on screen is not what I type_i did wipe the keyboard after it got wet

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Please tell us more. It sounds like you are leaving a lot out of this. Do other keyboards do the same thing on your computer? Have you ever seen this work properly? What keys are messing up and what are they doing? What did it get wet with? What is your operating system? You are our eyes and ears. Be specific about your problem. Best I can tell is you are typing in I hate chocolate and I love Bill Gates is coming up on the screen. If such is the case I would say your computer is possessed and recommend an Exorcism, lol. Seriously please tell us more.





Since you spilled something on it, it's most likely shorted out. This usually happens in groups of keys. There are no user serviceable parts. About the only thing you can do is to pull the batteries and let it dry out. Here's the teardown I did on it so you can see there's nothing you can get to to fix it: Apple Wireless Keyboard (A1255) Teardown


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