Released February 2013, identified by the D7100 badge on the front right side of the body.

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Light spot in photos

I purchased a Nikon D7200 (almost identical to 7100) from a guy on Craigslist and he said it had a sensor scratch, after looking at photos of sensor scratches I don't think that is what it has. When taking photos in daylight at low F stop a light spot appears in the photos. I have tried switching lenses with no change, as the f stop gets higher the spot goes away. What is this and other than replacing the sensor is it fixable?

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Whatever it is, the fact that it goes away (progressivle, I presume?) as you increase the f stop indicates it’s not in the focal plane (where the sensor is).

I’m more familiar with compact digital cameras, but these have a focussing lens which sits just in front of the sensor and is moved forwards or backwards in order to focus. This might be in the right position to cause the spot.


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