Screen showing multiple flickering circles on right side of screen

My screen is displaying flickering circles in the right side of the screen that draw the mouse pointer directly to them causing no functionality of the mouse. The memory is showing close to maximum; space available on the hard drive. Force “hard” restart sometimes clears up the flickering enough to log in a function for a random amount of time (range: 5 min - over 1 hour).

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Hi @allenr89 ,

Try disabling the touchpad (use a USB mouse to navigate through the laptop) and check if the problem stops.

Here's how to do this

In the Control Panel, select Hardware and Sound. Select Devices and Printers. Select Mouse.

Select the Device Settings tab. Click Settings.

Select Tapping. Click the settings icon.

Uncheck "Double Tap to Enable or Disable Touch Pad".

If it works OK there may be a problem with the touchpad


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