Toro rider runs about 40 seconds and cuts off like a switch repeatedly

Toro riding mower 5 yrs. old. Runs a few minutes then engine turns off suddenly like you turned off the switch. Will start again after a minute or two delay, runs a couple of minutes and turns off. Does not seem to be a fuel starvation problem. Is there a switch, timer, or wiring problem that can cause this. The repair shop has had it in three times and their theory of trash in the fuel line or tank. Replaced carburator, cleaned fuel lines, replaced fuel. Nothing has helped. Any ideas?

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Does it sound like it is starving out?




Have you checked the spark plugs? If they have never been changed it could be not sparking as well as it needs to. I only work on cars but the next place I would check would be the battery as well as the alternator/stator. My Xterra had a cut off issue when it would go above 2k rpm then turn on just fine, I tracked it down to the alternator and have had no problems since. A engine requires air, fuel, and spark to run, it's not air since it starts and runs, you have already addressed the fuel system, just leaves the electrical system not producing a spark.

Good luck!


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