Released September 20, Apple's mainstream 2019 iPhone comes with a 6.1" LCD touchscreen, dual cameras, and six available colors. Successor to the iPhone XR.

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I have an iPhone but I am not sure it is an 11 or not. How do I identi

I cannot tell exactly which iPhone this is. It does not have 7, or 9, or 11 printed on it. In tiny letters on the back it has: “Model A1661-?CG-E3087A IC 579C-E9087A” I am repairing it for a young grand daughter and she has no idea what it is. Thank you for your help. I will buy a screen as soon as I know which one to get.

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The row of holes near the speaker has 8 holes on each side of the recharge port.





According to the model number you supplied, it is an iPhone 7 plus. I highly recommend looking at this article if you are unsure. Apple provides a guide to see what type of iPhone you have. One good way to check is the phone body, if it has glass on its back, it could be an iPhone 8 or above.

If the back is full aluminum, it could be an iPhone 7 or below.

Another way to tell is the camera. Just looking at the camera is a ready sign of what iPhone it is.

EDIT: I forgot to mention the color. The website I gave shows you the colors that are available for each model. That way, you can confirm the iPhone model.


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