The Lenovo ThinkPad T450s is an Ultrabook featured for business, and was released in February of 2015, with the model number:PC0530HJ. It has a powerful processor, high-resolution display, and a great battery life for it’s light weight.

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Lenovo Thinkpad T540 suddenly not charging and power button flashing

Unfortunately, out of the blue my Lenovo Thinkpad T450 stopped charging. When I plug in the AC, it simply gives me back flashing lights on the power button (non stop and medium speed). I have tried everything I’ve seen online, from turning it off, removing battery, pressing the power button for 30 sec and then put battery back and plug it to unplugging my CMOS battery and external battery at the same time repeating the procedure. Lenovo avantage tells me my batteries are healthy (or at least before my laptop turned off). It has been off since and I cannot turn it back on due to critical error 0190 Critical Low Battery.

Please help me as I use this laptop for work and uni, got so many files I need to have.

could it be the charger or is it the battery or anything else hardware/software?

thank you in advance!

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im not sure if you have tried a new charger yet. That might be the case if you haven’t. Id also try resetting the ram. in any which way if you need your data off my computer shop can do that for you no problem. We have very low data transfer cost for customers.


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