Canon's PowerShot SX200 IS is a 12-megapixel compact camera with manual controls, released in 2009. Features include a wide-angle lens, 12x zoom, and 720p HD video.

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My SD card won't lock. Help?

The SD card in my camera has stopped locking into place for no apparent reason at all. I havetried using a different SD card, so it’s a problem with the camera. It still works, because it is held down by the battery cover, but it’s a right nuisance. Can anybody help me?

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The spring mechanism on the SD card slot is broken. Canon solders it onto the primary PCB in the point and shoot cameras, so you need to repair the board or replace the entire PCB.

The problem is cost. In a lot of cases, board replacement tends to be as much as another camera (or an upgrade) so it is rarely worth doing. Because of that, you’re usually better off trying to solder a new SD slot on and hoping for the best. If that fails, time for a new camera.


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