The Razer Blade Stealth (2016 model) is a laptop designed specifically for gaming. With an Intel Core processor giving fast speed yet smooth, crisp graphics.

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How to teardown/find keyboard connector?

Hello. I was wondering if anybody knows how to disassemble the Razer Blade Stealth 2016? Specifically I'm looking to see if I can access the keyboard connector as I suspect it might be loose.

The LED lights on the keys don't work anymore and when they do, the keyboard itself stops working entirely. I want to try and disassemble it and reconnect the connectors or check for damage.

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There isn’t much out there on taking these apart in detail but most laptops are the same concept. As long as you can get inside then you can figure out the rest. Keyboard connectors are designed to not come out of place unless laptop got some serious impact so be prepared to find out that the connector is fine and keyboard may need to be replaced.

Found this video. You will need a T5 screw driver and when all screws are removed, you need to lift the bottom and wiggle it out downwards.


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