PowerBook G4 Aluminum laptops with 17" displays. Released by Apple in 2003.

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Is there a way to fix a busted port on the mb without the piece?

I purchased a 17” alum pb from ebay and someone has snapped the little white port off of the logic board where the ribbon cable goes in for the keyboard/power button/trackpad and the piece did not come with it. Is there a possibility that I could solder the leads from the ribbon cable to the board and if so what is the pattern and process to it because the port seems to reverse where the cables go.

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Brandon d it would be an unwise choice to do so. If you are going through with it you would have to solder fine leads to each copper tab on your flex cable and solder those to the board without shortening it and without turning it. I suggest you purchase a replacement/donor board and desolder the connector on that one. Use that connector for a replacement on your board. If you want to solder something then that would be the way to go. Post some pictures of this connector with your question so we can at least try to find the right one for you. Adding images to an existing question


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