Western Digital My Passport Drive. USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive.

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WD My Passport not showing up in File Explorer?

So an issue occurred with my WD 4TB passport within the last week. My passport was working as usual, and at some point I plugged my passport into my laptop and realized it wouldn’t work. Then later plugged it back into my desktop and again, wouldn’t work. I didn’t format anything so I’m puzzled. My passport doesn’t show up in File Explorer, but it can connect to my PC. The light on my passport comes on and I get the audible connection sound when it’s plugged in. It even shows up in my devices. If I try to open any files in the Recent Files section that are from my passport, I get a Location is not available error. I did at one point drop it, where the bottom plate was slightly opened. Not sure if something was damaged. But it seems perfectly fine. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Update (01/04/2020)

after some searching and testing I found the Smart Status is not available

Block Image


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The disk board is initializing so the model shows, but the drive mechanism isn’t. You did drop it so this is highly likely the cause.

There is no point repairing a hard drive if mechanical problems occur. Just buy a new one. If you have precious data that worth spending hundreds or thousands of dollars to save, stop powering on the drive and send it to professional data recovery services. There is nothing you can do without further ruining the data.


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I wasn't entirely sure if it was that because I realized I had this issue before it was dropped. But yeah, data recovery is my last resort if nothing else works.




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