Western Digital My Passport Drive. USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive.

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My Passport Drive 2019 Making Weird Sounds and not starting

I bought a 2 TB WD HDD 2 days back and copied some data on it, to my surprise it isnt reading and making funny sounds when connected,

I have uploaded the audio file here:

The drive doesnt boot, I tried opening it up so that I could attach it to a enclosure but it comes with a Micro-B slot embedded on the drive itself. Can anyone please help fix this

Update (01/03/2020)

This is the Drive -

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Looks like the drive is broken (as far as I can hear). Is it possible to return it and get a new one, since it’s only 2 days old ?


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There is some data on it that I dont have access to, there is no way to retrieve it?


No, unless it's repaired. Repairing a hard drive and finding replacement parts are not easy. When you open the drive, you cannot allow any kind of dust to come in the hard drive. Some manuals: Hard Drive Repair

Opening the drive will void warranty. If there is really important data on it, and there is no way to retrieve it, you can also bring the hard drive to a company which is experienced in repairing hard drives.

Note: You can find some more info here to determine the damage:




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