The sixth-generation Volkswagen Jetta, known as the NCS (New Compact Sedan) during its development, was announced in the North American market in June 16, 2010.

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Car is shaking, lights dimming and engine RPM fluctuating while Idle.

I have a 2017 GLI and recently the engine started to shake in the morning, when I get to the stop light down the street and am idling.

The engine has died a few times, but usually it just shakes the car and the interior lights flicker a bit.

Rev’ing up the engine while putting the car in nutural, stops the shaking and after reaching normal operating temperature, it does not do this.

Mechanic says there is nothing wrong and suggests that I check with VW for a software update.

Anyone on here have any thoughts?

I have changed the spark plugs already, and that had no impact on the issue.

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any time your lights are dimming while engine is on you may have a issue with electrical connections to the battery to uphold the voltage. A good mechanic will look at error codes first to see if the charging system is pulling down your RPM





I’d take it in to an Autozone or other Auto Parts store that does free computer readouts to try to determine the cause before doing anything.


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Did he check the balance shafts? They could be slightly out of alignment, and so shake the engine when starting up, but get re-aligned as you rev it.

Try also checking the timing, fluids, and electrical, just to be sure.

Good luck!


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I'm thinking it's the crankshaft sensor I was searching for the answer too and just changed mines, a bad one will cause your car to misfire, shake, lights dim or flicker and if it goes bad when your car is on it will cut your car off and won't crank or even turn over with no sound. When you replace the crankshaft sensor unhook the battery for about 30 mins in order for the cars computer to reset, then reconnect and your vehicle should start up


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