Why is my outlet kicking off while using percolater?

Electricity interrupted while using coffemaker

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Hi @harmida,

Most probably there is an electrical fault in the percolator.

With the percolator totally disconnected from the power, try connecting an Ohmmeter between one connector pin on the percolator’s power cord plug and the metal frame of the percolator and check if there is a reading.

Work through the resistance scales of the Ohmmeter, from low to high, to check if there is a reading or not.

If no reading do the same test this time with the percolator On/Off switch switched on.

If no reading, change the Ohmmeter’s test lead from the power cord plug pin to the other pin on the plug and perform the same tests.

There should never be a reading less than several million Ohms, between either pin of the power cord plug and the metal body of the percolator

Usually there is a breakdown in the insulation between the heater element and the body of the percolator. It can sometimes also be the On/Off switch insulation breaking down but that is less usual.

Unfortunately nowadays you cannot just replace the heater element. You have to replace the entire unit.

Check the warranty period on your unit just in case it is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

The best I could find out about Farberware warranty is this


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