Dishwasher by Bosch identifiable by the model number SHU5315UC-06 or SHU5315UC/06.

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Will not drain at end of cycle

My  Bosh  dishwasher has been a problem and will not drain at end of cycle I cleared all lines, not solved then replaced the pump, not solved  then replaced the pressure sensor, not solved them replaced the motherboard, not solved detached the long part f the drain hose and redirected the short half to drain into a pail, bravo worked then raised the pail and stopped draining again. Seems that any back pressure  causes a E25 and will not drain. Can anyone help?

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Has it ever worked correctly? Have you changed your disposal lately?


Worked fine for 4 years and we have no garbage disposal. Thanks for looking in.


Have you checked the float at the bottom of the dishwasher make sure nothing is under it?





It seems that when pump rotation is not entirely blocked but only obstructed, E25 is signaled only on end drain cycle and not on other drains between washing program.

The control board circuitry measure pump electric current load and when exceeded for any reason, it signals E25.

In my case blockage was built from bucket of fibers and/or hairs around steel axis just under impeller caused pump motor needed more power to turn and escalated current.

I couldn’t even imagine how many fibers manage winded around steel pump axis in 7 years and breaking rotation and escalating pump electric current load.

I remove pump after opening down front of dishwasher. After pull impeller together with fix magnet rotor and rotor cover from pump. Then carefully clean axis between impeller and front rotor cover with forceps in small sharp knife.


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That was exactly what I thought after having the same problem. Thanks for the reaffirmation of my Sherlock thought process. I'll look up pump, impeller access..


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