Released in 2014 and upgraded in 2017, identified by model number 820-006773.

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Is there anyway to fix this spacebar?

Block Image

The metal appears to be bent or out of place

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Maybe follow this tutorial to remove the keyboard and see if you can locate a replacement part.

Logitech G910 Keyboard Key Cap Replacement




Hello, you'll need to replace the switch with a new one.

To do this you'll need a soldering iron, solder, a solder sucker (cheap ones available on ebay etc will do the job for one switch), a Phillips screwdriver and a plastic pry tool.

Open the keyboard by removing all the screws on the bottom of the keyboard (there's some under the large rubber feet and the smallest rubber foot and the slide out metal piece.) Remove the small plastic bottom panel and remove the screws under there.

The top piece around the keys can now be pried up, by going around the edge popping all the clips. There is also two clips around the arrow keys, so be careful.

After the top piece is removed, unscrew the newly exposed screws, remove the volume wheel (I recommend removing the wheel and not the potentiometer it's attached to as these can be solder in) and top left LED diffusion plate. Also unplug the internal USB connector. The keyboard pcb can now be lifted out.

To remove a switch, remove the two solder joints on the rear of the PCB that correspond to the broken switch by melting the solder with a soldering iron and a solder sucker then pry it out from the top of the keyboard.

A new switch can then be inserted, making sure the pins align with the holes in the pcb, and applying new solder to replace the stuff you removed.

Since the top half of the switch came away with your spacebar, please pull that off the bottom before reinstalling it.

New switches can be purchased from me here, spare parts here,


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