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XS camera completely fogged after back glass replacement

No glass debris in the camera modules, and this doesn’t look like a focus problem anyway. Telephoto lens is much better but still fogged (checked using portrait). I used a lot of heat to remove the remaining glass surrounding the cameras; I even burnt the screen and it’s yellowed on the corner now. Is it possible I melted the camera lens? A new replacement is on the way, but has this happened to anybody else?

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Hello. You probably have damaged the camera on the inside because of the heat which means you’ll need to replace the camera. Otherwise check for any dirt or smudges on the glass inside or on the actual camera. Hope you can work something out.


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Replaced cameras and picture is perfect. Don't use excess heat (300° C) on at least that corner of the phone. I recommend picking off the glass shards; using heat runs the risk of damaging the camera, screen, and more.



The exact same thing happened to me. I have it in rice just to confirm it's not moisture. My screen also yellowed in the corners and I think I'll just have to buy a new camera.


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