This Nintendo DS Lite was released in 2006 as the successor to the Nintendo DS. Getting inside this device is simple, making for easy fixes.

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Why is my screen green?

So I turned on my ds lite to play some games and the top screen when I loaded it up had the Nintendo logo thing in green instead of the standard black and when I checked other games the green was all over the place only the bottom screen was normal. I’m thinking it’s the lcd or if it’s something else since I never did anything to my ds to make the top screen broken. I’ve had my ds for about 10 years and it only now happened. If you know a fix please let me know.

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Do you know how to search with a search engine like The first item listed at Google show a possible fix. Geez!




Trying to check the screen cable to ensure it is completely seated inside its port on the main board. Then check the screen again. Its possible the cable came slightly loose and could theoretically cause that effect.

Top screen ribbon cable can be weathered from all the opening and closing. If the ribbon cable's loose for the top screen, if it's actually ripped instead of loose, you may need to order a new top screen or a new DS.


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Hi Ismar!

I suggest you consult the three topics below that are resolved.

They are all problems with the green coloring of their screens.

One second of green light then off, was working fine, but......

top screen shows image-but with green colouration

The DS won't turn on. Green light flashes for a second..


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