The Acer Nitro 5 AN515-53-55G9 is a laptop targeted towards budget gamers. It boasts 256 GB of storage, Nvidia GeForce Graphics and an Intel i5 quad-core processor at a more affordable price than most gaming laptops.

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My Laptop suddenly disconnected from the internet

So, my laptop all of a sudden disconnected from the internet while i was browsing ebay online, i looked on my network settings and my wifi network didn’t show, And the strangest thing is that not even the neighbour’s wifi showed up. I tried a troubleshooter and it detected nothing, it was only when i reboot my laptop it started working again.

I just want to know what the heck was going on with my computer even though the issue is sorted….. for now.

I’ll keep you updated


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This could be an easy fix. Just go to and click on support, then you have two choices, you can look up the laptop model number or serial number, or click on detect automatically icon and it will find it for you, then in support after finding the model click on driver and updates icon and youll see many drivers, go to the wifi driver download button or arrow, and it will start the download driver file and click on run botton and not the save button and it will start the install for your wifi.and instal from he wifi driver download . Good Luck…

To find what driver number for your wifi adapter #, is , on windows desk top click on Menu on Windows administration Icon and click on System information Icon, and click on system componetes or hardware and it should tel its driver number or adptor wifi model and the youl know the right driver to download bevausenther are several different driver but know mnufature and model and then tou download the correct one….


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