Why won't MacBook Air charge in Spain?

So here's a long running mystery I've faced. For several years now my Macbook Air charges perfectly in Russia. Yet every year when i go to Spain I have problems. At first it charges. Then some days it charges, but others it doesn't. Eventually it just stops charging altogether. I return to Russia and it works perfectly again. I thought maybe temperature was the problem, so I chilled the magsafe 2 charger. But no success.

Any suggestions as to why my charger is travel sick???


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You likely have a fake charger! A real charger wouldn’t have an issue jumping between the different AC power systems:

  • Russia - 220-volt
  • Spain - 220 or 225 volts

Review this Apple T/N Apple Portables: Troubleshooting MagSafe adapters to make sure you don’t have a bad cable, a dirty or damaged connector interface.

Here’s a bit more on fake chargers: YouTube - Real vs Fake Magsafe 2 Charger Macbook Pro & Don't Replace Your MacBook Charger With a Cheap Knockoff

Buy directly from Apple to be sure!


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Thanks Dan. That might well be the issue then. My charger is indeed from an unofficial source. But it's always worked fine so I never anticipated it could be the problem. It's so random how it works intermittently when abroad.


I've seen this before! Spain is tricky as some locations are 220 all of the time and some will be 220. Then if the grid is struggling you can find that location jumps around between the two as the power company alters the sources around.




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