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Why do I have a "burn" mark on my screen?

I was removing the back glass panel of my iPhone Xs Max using a heat gun to loosen the adhesive. I must have either used too high of a setting or heated too long. The front panel now shows a “gold" patch in the upper right corner. You can still see all the pixels in that area through the patch. I've attached photos to show. Would I have to replace the whole panel or could I clean this somehow?

Block Image

Block Image

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Lol u have a burn mark on ur screen because u burnt it, lol

Leave it alone for a little while and see if it fades if it doesn't or it gets worse then u would need to replace the screen.





@thejunhorde to much heat from the heat gun is the cause for this. You need to replace the display to fix this. iPhone XS Max Screen Replacement


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I have the exact same issue, happened in the exact same manner. Unfortunately the answer to this problem as far as people have told me is to replace the screen. Since in my case under the patch I can see clearly that colors are displayed well. And by this I mean the Green battery logo is still green I am thinking maybe we have burned the top glue and that is what is causing the weird colors. I am thinking about trying a top glass replacement ( not me obviously because I don’t have the right tools ) and see after as I don’t want to replace the screen because I will loose true tone and also refurbished original OLED is quite expensive. Please post here your resolution because I am interested in this topic


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You won't loose true tone if done properly




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