Introduced in late 1986, the Apple 3.5 drive was an external Double Density 800K floppy drive that could be used on most Apple Computer platforms of the time.

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What Macintosh computer can read this floppy disk?

So, being the youngin that I am this is my first time working with floppy disks and I’ve tried researching this topic on google but I couldn’t find too much information. The mission is to read a bunch of double-sided, single-density microfloppy disks. At least that’s what the customer told me they were. Some are the special macintosh hyperproduct brand and I don’t know what brand the others are. There’s also a single-sided microfloppy that I’d like to read if possible but thats not necessary. My question is, what obsolete macintosh product will read these disks? Can devices that read double-sided disks also read single-sided ones? Does it matter whether the floppies are 400k or 800k? I have a few oldies sitting around my shop and I was thinking the Macintosh Performa might work best but I wasn’t sure. If anyone can give me lesson on these old products I’d love to learn.

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You need a “floppy superdrive”.


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Thanks! Turns out the macintosh performa 52000 I had included a floppy drive internally so I was able to use it. But yeah, the superdrive would be another direction I could've gone in.


@longlivethebugs the Performas came with SuperDrives. Glad you got your info.




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