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My Whirlpool Washer tub is Banging against the side on spin

I have a 4-year-old Whirlpool WTW5000DW0 washing machine. A repairman came out 3 times over the first 4 years to address extreme vibration that would walk the washer across the floor and kept saying the machine just needed to be leveled. He would level it, but the washer kept vibrating, although not as bad. Two more visits for the same thing and the same diagnosis and the same attempt to level and the same results. The warranty ran out 6 months or so ago. A month ago the tub started banging against the shell wall making the washer shake violently. I researched and checked the suspension rods. They needed replacing, so I replaced them a month ago. The machine was quieter than it had been in a long time. We were gone for 2 weeks in which the washer did not get used, but now, it’s back to banging against the shell wall and shaking violently and the suspension rods need replacing again. Is there something else that should be checked besides the suspension rods ? I’ve been looking but cannot find any information specific to this model. I’m thinking that if the suspension rods are going that quickly, even being very careful to level the machine and not put large loads in it, something else has to be going on. Any help would be soooo appreciated!!! Thanks!!

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Hi @tangledstring

Did you mean the suspension rods or the suspension rod supports or both?


I replaced both.


But the suspension rod supports weren't too bad, save for one.


I have the same issue.did you ever figure out what it was?




Check your weight it could be broken. It is usually just a cement slab in the bottom.

Check for recalls on this product. It may just be a lemon.


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