Support and repair information for Beats Solo3 headphones.

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Why is my audio not playing in one ear when cord is connected?

Whenever the cord is plugged into my Beats (can't use wireless because charging port is broken) audio won't play. If I move the left earcup in just the right way, the audio starts playing again. Please help!

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Most problems with intermittent headphones occur when the cord is flexed many times and creates an internal break in wires inside cable. You may need to replace cable if possible.


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Aye Caramba.

As Michael said,the wire can break. What happens is when you bend and flex(especially in a careless way),the thin audio wires will rip. There are 2 for each speaker.

It looks like the left earcup doesn’t have the controls on it. This means 2 wires run from the right to the left. This increases the chance of bending and damaging them. Usually at the joint or where it goes into the earcup itself. It can be fixed. But it requires soldering,period.

The wire ire has a bunch of tiny strands coated with enamel or something like that(a non conductive insulator). You have to burn it(or scrape it but it’s hard without a microscope) off and tin the wire with solder. Then solder it back to the earcup. It’s really easy if you have had the practice…like me


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