Released September 21, 2018. Models A1921, A2101, A2102, A2104. Available as GSM or CDMA / eSIM or nano-SIM / 64, 256, or 512 GB / Silver, Gold, or Space Gray. (Pronounced "iPhone 10 S Max.")

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What are the clips on the backside of the volume/power buttons called?

I’ve recently replaced the back housing on my iPhone XS Max, but I bought the housing that didn’t have the volume and power buttons pre-installed. I mangled the Power button’s clip trying to figure out how to remove it, but the other 2 came off fine once I saw how easy they come off…What are those clips with the metal dot that lines up with the flex cable’s button? I need to order a new one, and I’m assuming it will have to be bought as a set…

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Retaining brackets! And the little round contact for the button is called a shim. I still can’t find them for sale. I’ve ordered the set in the link provided above, but I’m 100% it will come with them. I have found a set for the iPhone 7/7+, but the power button for the Xs and Max are wider than the 7...if anyone else can find a set please let me know!





Hey. Sorry. I can’t find the name of those metal “covers” specifically. They are the outside of the button. I googled online and found this

it is the button set referred to as a button set. I think you have have to search for it without using the term flex cable. The metal part is still considered a button since it’s the part you press on the outside…button


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