802.11n Airport Extreme Card compatibility issues with Snow Leopard?


I just bought a 802.11n wireless card upgrade for my MacBook Pro 15" A1150.

After installing the card I booted my laptop and checked the System Profiler to see if the new card was detected, and it was.

First I had issues connecting to my wireless network, timing out. After time the laptop connected to my wireless network, First Generation Time Capsule, and displayed full signal strength. Checking System profiler again displayed that the new card was connected to my network and using 802.11n.

To test I tried downloading a movie from the Time Capsule, expecting to see a huge increase in speed I was disappointed to see the signal strength drop off to one little bar and virtually no through put speed at all.

Checking the Network Utility showed that the Airport was connected at 130Mb/s although I was getting worse performance than a dial up connection.

Is there any need to search for a firmware upgrade.

After installing the new airport I ran the software update to see if there may be any updates for that particular airport card. During this time I updated from Snow Leopard 10.6.7 to the latest release of SnowLeopard 10.6.8.

Is there any issues with these versions of snow leopard and the BMC94321MC airport card or did I just get a dud?

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It's the right card. I would check the antennae connections. The card could also be bad.


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did you download an apple app. that is needed to go from a "g" card to an "n" card? i've had no problems after doing the same conversion and getting that specific upgrade app. through apple.


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